Restructuring and

We provide comprehensive advisory services in the area of financial restructuring, and represent our clients in insolvency procedures, whether in the role of creditor, investor, or debtor.

Our services in this area comprise in particular the following:

  • assessment of the client's situation within the context of insolvency law (insolvency test),
  • preparation of a strategy for conducting the insolvency procedure,
  • drafting of motions for insolvency,
  • legal advice with respect to the method of choice for resolving insolvency,
  • representation of clients in insolvency procedures and enforcement of the clients' interests within such procedures,
  • procurement of trustee services,
  • drafting of reorganization plans,
  • negotiations with the other involved parties,
  • registration of claims of our clients (as creditors) in insolvency proceedings,
  • conducting adversary proceedings within insolvency over the existence of claims, in representation of our clients.

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