Competition Law and
Consumer Protection

Within competition law, the following are our particular domain:

  • analyses of business relationships and of compliance with competition-law rules,
  • assessment of potential abuse of a dominant position in the market,
  • assessment of potential abuse of significant market power,
  • horizontal and vertical agreements,
  • instruments available under private law to defend oneself against abusive competitive practices,
  • advice related to concentrations of undertakings, and representation before the Office for the Protection of Competition or before the European Commission e.g. in merger clearance proceedings.

Another core competence within our competition practice is the protection against unfair competition and deceptive business practices, i.e., in particular:

  • assessment of business practices in terms of their compliance with the rules of fair competition and with consumer protection principles,
  • available defenses and remedies against unfair competition: C&Ds, claims seeking a prohibitory injunction, motions for a preliminary injunction,
  • pursuing and recovering financial compensation,
  • enforcement of the rights of consumers, and their representation in court disputes.

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